The excitement of a new place

I don’t know about you, but I really like going somewhere new that I have never been before. It makes it even better if this is a new place I have researched and found on my own. Especially if, when I go to this new place, it actually turns out to be somewhere awesome. OK, let me clarify when I say new. I mean new to me. Obviously, pretty much everywhere you go, someone else has already been. However when I say a new place I discovered, I mean new to me. I think that is why I always have enjoyed looking at maps and studying them, as I am constantly trying to find that new and interesting place that I have never been before.

I actually just found a new place to hike about five minutes from my house, which is pretty cool. Even though these trails are official trails and open to the public, they do not really show up on any map, as they are on private property. The trails I speak of (well, actually just one main trail) are located at Mt Hermon Conference Center. This is a loop trail and it follows Bean Creek canyon which is filled with old growth redwood trees. It is pretty sweet and I have already been there twice in the last week to check it out.

The thing that trips me out is that I have lived in the area for 11 years, but it was only last week I found these trails. I guess my point is that even if you think you know it all, you need to keep looking, keep trying and stay hungry, as you never know what you will find out there. If you give up, and think you have seen everything there is to see, then you won’t find anything new. And finding new stuff (no matter what it is) is what life’s all about!

Anyway, check out the photo I took when I was on the hike and if you are local, go to the front desk at Mount Hermon to get a trail map and check it out yourself. Until next time… Peace!

Bean Creek. #felton

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  1. Max says:

    No idea you were a photographer. I will be checking that trail out very soon.

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